Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Triathlon Training Update

For the past several months I've been training in and out of the gym trying to get ready for a triathlon. Well it is this weekend and I must say I'm not sure how prepared I actually feel. I run and bike the necessary distances with ease (usually), but I still struggle with the swim. I'm sure never being a swimmer has left me at a natural disadvantage, however I feel that with the proper time and dedication you can build any skill. I'm just not sure I have given myself the right amount of time in this case. 

I work hard on my cardio and have mixed it up with weight training, kickboxing, and yoga. Preparing has been a wonderful experience, despite some newbie setbacks. Pushing past body aches, experiencing gut wrenching dehydration, learning when I've pushed myself maybe a little too far in a day. These are all things I have put myself through as I learned my limits, built endurance and confidence; and in return have seen myself push further and faster and stronger than I knew I was capable of. That's the point right? Setting goals for yourself and reaching them, and maybe if you're lucky enough surpassing your own expectations and feeling the immense joy and pride that comes with it. 

But despite all the effort, if I can't complete the swim portion of the tri, I won't be able to compete in the remainder of the race. At this point I can't push myself too hard and risk injuring myself for Sunday, but I will continue pushing until then; slowly, steadily, consistently.  "Luck is when preparation meet opportunity" Well, I'm hoping for a little luck this weekend. So please everyone say a little prayer for me! 

Bye for now! Have a beautiful day!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Change is Good -A Brief ReIntroduction

Well, let me start by saying HELLO EVERYONE! 
It's been such a long time since I've signed in and sat down to write a post. I'm so happy to be doing so now.

Please let me start by letting you all know that I do not intend to revamp this as a fashion blog. While fashion and beauty are still and will always be a dominant part of my life, they are not the only thing I wish to share with you all. My life has gone through many changes in the past 3 years and these changes have greatly effected my perspectives. 
So instead of keeping up with all the latest trends and and cosmetic do's and don'ts, I'd like very much if you'd all join me in my everyday life of just being me.

Thank you all for reading my reintroduction into the he works if blogging and I hope you're all doing just wonderfully in whatever it is you're aspiring to do. 
Here's to the nex chapter. CHEERS!