Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Change is Good -A Brief ReIntroduction

Well, let me start by saying HELLO EVERYONE! 
It's been such a long time since I've signed in and sat down to write a post. I'm so happy to be doing so now.

Please let me start by letting you all know that I do not intend to revamp this as a fashion blog. While fashion and beauty are still and will always be a dominant part of my life, they are not the only thing I wish to share with you all. My life has gone through many changes in the past 3 years and these changes have greatly effected my perspectives. 
So instead of keeping up with all the latest trends and and cosmetic do's and don'ts, I'd like very much if you'd all join me in my everyday life of just being me.

Thank you all for reading my reintroduction into the he works if blogging and I hope you're all doing just wonderfully in whatever it is you're aspiring to do. 
Here's to the nex chapter. CHEERS!

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