Thursday, November 8, 2012

Out on the Town

Hello beautiful people! Today's look is inspired by my old "date night" experiences!
I used to go out a lot a little while ago, and as a girl, I would always feel like it was obscene to wear the same thing twice.  The guy I was dating really couldn't have cared less, but it is a common and silly mindset that many ladies I know possess.  Anyway, as you can imagine this got very expensive very quickly, I would be buying dresses costing a few hundred dollars almost every week (and again, ONLY WEARING them ONCE!) 
Now to my point, being a single mother, I really cannot afford that type of lifestyle.  My quick fix?  Mix and match separates!  I started buying skirts and tops that I could interchange so I would have new outfits constantly and not feel the need to buy new things for every date!  

This look is perfect for a nice dinner out, a wide range of parties, and night out on the town!

Blouse - Purchased from the BCBG Factory Outlet
Skirt - Purchased from Ideeli

Earrings - Purchased from Forever21
Necklace - Purchased from Express
Belt - Purchased from Bebe
Wire Cuff Bracelet - Purchased from Little Black Bag
Other Bracelet - Purchased from Premier Jewelry
Ring - Purchased from Forever21

Shoes - Purchased from Marshall's

I really hope you have all enjoyed this look!
And ladies can we all kick this ridiculous thought that we can't go out in or be photographed int he same thing twice?  
My closet is too full and my purse is always angry with me!
Let me know what you think of this post!

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Until next time... XoXo


  1. gorgeous photographs hun!

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  2. very cool photos ^^ i like all

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  3. My purse is angry at me too! I am your newest follower and am hoping that you will follow me back!


  4. I love that belt!! And the shirt is so flowy!!

    - Ashley Elizabeth
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  5. the skirt is so pretty :D

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