Thursday, November 1, 2012

Red, White, and Polka Dots

Everyone knows I love my blazers and skinny jeans, so here's a twist to keep it interesting!
You can add a print to put this trend into overdrive!  In this look I paired a navy blue blazer with polka dots with a pair of red skinny jeans, then added some black details and fun accessories! 
This has become a classic look, so like all timeless outfits, adding a little something different can spice it up and add a little something extra. It's always great to add prints, on top or on bottom.  Personally I haven't found printed jeans, leggings, or pants of any kind that I feel look good on me, but I've seen many beautiful woman pull a similar look off with a solid blazer and printed bottoms.

Blazer - Purchased from Marshall's
Ruffled Tank - Purchased from Charlotte Russe
Belt - I've had forever, I just pulled it out of my closet
Red Skinny Jeans - Purchased from Forever21

Wedge Pumps are MIA - Purchased from Marshall's

Earrings - Purchased from Bebe
Necklace - Purchased from Charming Charlie
Wrap Watch - Purchased from Loehmann's
Linked Ring - Purchased from Jewelmint
Flower Ring - Purchased from Forever21


All of the pieces I'm wearing in this look are so easy to use in creating different fun looks!  The shoes, I absolutely adore and wear all the time, they are so comfy and can be easily transitioned from day to night!
I hope you have all enjoyed this look and let me know if you have or will be trying something similar!

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Until Next Time...XoXo


  1. I love this look!! Definitely want to try it

  2. I'm LOVING the blazer!!!!! Work It!!!!!

    1. You know how we do it love! Lol glad you like!

  3. Love the pants! I wish I could pull those off! You are so cute, following you back from the blog hop!